Nanning City, China

Nanning City, China

Both Nanning and Davao pioneered industrialization and manufacturing, making them one of the progressive cities in the world. 

Boosting the influx of tourism is also one of the goals of these cities to develop their local economies. 

It was the municipality of Nanning who initiated the unification between Davao which consequently led to the signing of the agreement on March 29, 2006. Former Nanning Mayor Lin Guoqiang and former Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte signed the sister city agreement.

Just recently, Nanning donated buses for its sister city for the purpose of improving transportation systems and accommodating investors who wish to explore opportunities in Davao.

As the permanent destination for China-ASEAN trading, Nanning will always serve as the helping hand of Davao in promoting its local economy.

The municipality of Nanning donated buses to the City Government of Davao

Areas of Cooperation

Trade and Industry

Tourism Development


Socio-Economic Data

3,300,00 metro population as of 2015

22,112 square kilometers of land area

Tourism Facts

Hailed as the Green City of China, Nanning continues to be a progressive city as it balances urbanization and the preservation of its natural resources. Moreover, Nanning has an abundant source of vegetation which is why it lives up to its name. The city also specializes in heavy industries such as printing, paper-making, and cement production. 

Among the popular tourist destinations in Nanning include the Detian Waterfalls, Mount Qingxiu Park, and Nanhu Lake Park. Being the second largest waterfall after Niagara, the Detian Waterfalls can leave tourists in awe with its 100 kilometer stretch. Believe it or not, Mount Qingxiu Park is a man-made forest that offers tourists a view of relaxing scenery in lakes and gardens. The Nanhu Lake Park offers tourists a contrasting view of the urban and rural landscapes. With its peaceful ambiance and its 200 acre stretch, tourists can go for a walk or bike within the vicinity.

Tourist Destination
Detian Waterfalls
Mount Qingxiu Park
Nanhu Lake Park

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