Davao City gives great importance to the protection of its environment and supports new technologies that will help achieve its goal of sustainable economic growth. This preferred investment area covers environmental protection initiatives, and generation of new sources of energy. Solid waste management is one of the major concerns of the local government. The city also encourages investments on facilities that convert waste into energy and other commercial products.

  • Establishment of toxic and hazardous waste (THW) management facilities
  • River system rehabilitation
  • Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects
  • Comprehensive (collection, segregation, processing, by products) Waste Management (Solid and Liquid)
  • Manufacture of goods, the utilization of which would lead to either the efficient use of energy, natural resources or raw materials, minimize/prevent pollutions; or reduce greenhouse emissions

Existing businesses:

  • Sustainable Davao Movement
  • Davao HydroElectric Power Project
  • Davao City Waste Energy

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